Saturday, January 14, 2012

Google Algorithm Updates - 2012 Latest January

Hi everybody in SEO Industry,

I have noticed that Google has come up with several new updates and changes in there algorithms. This time is gona be on a vast scale.  I expect some more great changes in the coming months as Google would be experimenting with +1 Button to expand there social network.

Google has now come up with latest algorithm updates:

  1. Image Search landing page quality signals
  2. More relevant sitelinks.
  3. Soft 404 Detection
  4. More accurate country-restricted searches.
  5. More rich snippets.
  6. Better infrastructure for autocomplete.
  7. Better spam detection in Image Search.
  8. Google Instant enhancements for Japanese.
  9. More accurate byline date
  10. Live results for NFL and college football.
  11. Improved dataset for related queries
  12. Related query improvements.
  13. Better lyrics results. 
  14. Tweak to +1 button on results page
  15. Better spell correction in Vietnamese
  16. Upcoming events at venues
  17. Improvements to image size signal.
  18. Improved Hebrew synonyms.
  19. Safer searching
  20. Encrypted search available on new regional domains.
  21. Faster mobile browsing.

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Suhaib Ilyasi said...

Nice story and facts about google updation really helpful for SEO professionals.

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