Thursday, December 6, 2007

BackLinks Tips

We all know what backlink is, really?

Search engines use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the factors for determining that website's search engine ranking. Google's PageRank algorithm uses backlinks to check for sites rank.

Links that point to ur site reveals that u have valid content related to ur niche site that u market and for that reason google gives importance to quality based content links.

To increase PR webmasters use SEO
Basic factors for BACKLINKS:

# Age of Domain (old domains preffered first)
# Edu, gov org links can greatly increase ur page rank as 1 .edu can make a big difference provided it should be based on relevant category
# Content, Community, Message boards, Article posting, Social Bookmarking, Group posting can get in backlinks
# One-way backlinks are great which is widely being used.
# If the Content is appealing and is subjective then u can get a massive traffic of links pointing to ur site which ultimately boosts ur page rank

Suggestions for Backlinks
# Target Niche site

# Avoid Link Farms

# Avoid Mail forwarding of spam mails

# Generate One-way links to get Backlinks

# Link exchange with only relevant categories as it would take a lot of time but its worth if u get .edu or .org site which can make a huge difference.

# Check on updates for change in google's algorithm

# Avoid paid links

# Use Yahoo paid directory for TRAVELS, Property, Online Shopping

# Relevant directories with few external links

# Relevant Directories with PR 2-3-4-5 or with greater Internal Links

# Optimize ur site for users with relevant keywords that point ur site

# Use SMO Technique ( Social Media Optimization) which can generate huge traffic but should be relevant to ur subject

# Combine SEO + SEM + SMO can generate quality based BACKLINKS.

So i thought i need to stop here, i would come up with some great tools related to backlinks.
So keep glued.

Seo Pravish


sbecom said...

Good list there. You can add quality backlinks not just to your index page but also to the inner important pages and then linking that page from the index page. This deep linking will benefit the overall site.


SEO Pravish said...

hi u can check my blog with new updates

there are many backlinks techniques
but most imp i have highlighted


christina jeni said...

Your information related to SEO is really very useful for freshers....Thanks for sharing this informative blog..Keep posting..

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