Thursday, October 10, 2013

Latest Google Hummingbird Google Algorithm Updates 2013!

New Algorithm Humming Bird in TECHNOLOGY!

It is fact that internet search has become quite a common approach, these days, whether it is about finding information, logging complaint, and purchasing any product or service. Google, one of the best search engines, always prefer to facilitate the searchers, which is why it introduces different algorithm on time to time basis. Algorithm basically works for the searchers to help them in finding the pages, which have the searched keywords.  To facilitate online users more, Google has introduced its new algorithm, named Hummingbird, on its 15th birthday.

What Google hummingbird is all about?
According to many experts, Google hummingbird is a true replacement of Penguin and Panda, as it pays more attention towards each and every word of the query input by the user. The basic aim of this algorithm is to find out what the online user is actually looking for so that the search engine may offer him the web pages with exact matching words. Now you must be thinking why this algorithm is known as hummingbird. Isn’t it? If you are thinking the same then you must know that Google has named this algorithm hummingbird because of its fast speed and precise nature.

What Google Hummingbird is going to Affect Websites?

With the launch of new algorithm, everyone is concerned that how it will affect the websites.  If one would say that the emergence of hummingbird algorithm will change the entire system of Google ranking and content judgment then it will not be wrong.
The basic aim of this algorithm is to focus the quality of the content in order to facilitate the online users at its best. It is assumed that with the help of hummingbird algorithm, the use of Black Hat SEO Technique will be decreased, which will be quite beneficial for the real SEO experts and of course, for the online users. Do not forget that if you will found using such techniques by Google then it will penalized for your site. The most interesting part is that this hummingbird algorithm is already there and affecting search results. You will be amazed to know that humming bird algorithm was launched just a month ago but it has affected almost 90% of total worldwide searches already, which is quite surprising.

In nutshell, it is worthy to acknowledge milestone of Google in terms of more user satisfaction and to offer more recognition to experts, who are putting real efforts.

This post is written by Adeel Zia, A social media marketing strategist and search engine optimizer who has been working as SEO monitor from the last 3 years. 


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