Friday, May 24, 2013

Latest Penguin2.0 Updates | Penguin Google Algo!

Latest Penguin 2.0 Updates - Google Penguin Algorithm Updates

  • Penguin 1 on April 24, 2012  Algo Updates
  • Penguin 2 on May 24, 2012  Algo Updates
  • Penguin 3 on October 5, 2012 Algo Updates

AFFECTED SEARCHES :  2.3% of English queries IMPACT by Google Algo Penguin2.0

Google has just recently pushed the new Google Algo and the most awaited SEARCH UPDATE: GOOGLE PENGUIN 2.0 which Google call.

What Matt Cutts says on his blog as under:

We started rolling out the next generation of the Penguin webspam algorithm this afternoon (May 22, 2013), and the rollout is now complete. About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice. The change has also finished rolling out for other languages world-wide. The scope of Penguin varies by language, e.g. languages with more webspam will see more impact.
This is the fourth Penguin-related launch Google has done, but because this is an updated algorithm (not just a data refresh), we’ve been referring to this change as Penguin 2.0 internally.

Matt Cutts -  Penguin Spam Report

Submit Form Feedback  about spammy sites this update missed.
  • Affects have been seen 2.3% of search. 
  • Many sites have been affected with Anchor text issues
  • Sites which where ranking earlier on keywords have come down and sites which were not ranking on keywords have been ranking.  Quite a reverse update

More updates to come soon.

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