Sunday, April 29, 2012

Latest Google Algorithm: Penguin Algo Update

PENGUIN UPDATE! Latest GOOGLE ALGORITHM Update as on APRIL 2012 24 Update

There has been widespread reports about the latest algorithm called "webspam update" which is now said to be called as the PENGUIN UPDATE.

I have found that many say this algo is a total failure as webspam update was released to fight webspam and spam sites to reduce rankings for such sites. But in the process many legitimate sites rankings have gone down or have vanised from the top 100 lists.

Other updates that had taken place in April:
April 19 - PANDA UPDATE 3.5
Domain Classifier update - MISTAKEN Update by google which google then clarified
Webspam update: Penguin Update : APRIL 24, 2012

Google's spam update has done much damage to legitimate sites than spam sites. I have also discovered that ecommerce sites are less hit by the udpate than the service sector sites.

Google Algo Penguin Updates Questions ?

  1. Is off page more important  than on page ?
  2. Is backlinks from social bookmarking sites like will be devalued?  As many social sites have lost traffic during this update.
  3. Is Blog commenting termed as spam ?  Does blog commenting from legitimate sites is also spam?
  4. Is Forum signature links completely dead
  5. If a website doesn't do SEO then also will a site rank ?  ( Becz as per matt cutts he says that even if one doesn't do SEO then also its better)

As per updates have found
Google is behind wordpress themes links in the footer sections

More updates to be followed.   Send me your reactions to latest update - What you think about the current updates and issues faced?

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