Sunday, January 9, 2011

Google: LATEST SEO NEWS: SEO Updates for 2011

Latest SEO News for the Year 2011

Google Will Email for BAD Links, Unnatural Links, Cloaking, Doorway Pages.  So all those type of spaming will be targeted heavily.

Google SEO Checklist

  • Update copyright notice (one day i'll switch it to php)
  • Review 404 error log & fix repeat offenders
  • Review keyword referrals & choose which keywords get more content
  • Check the competition backlinks & identify ones to replicate
  • Make new years resolution to work hard & stop being a lazy affiliate
  • Read more daily on SEO topics
  • Research new topics and key keywords to rank for in new content pages
  • Review current keywords for each page and the traffic it generates, and adjust accordingly
  • Post new/more unique quality content pages on a daily basis
  • Find new/more ways of getting free quality in links
  • Keep one eye on the top competitors

  • Social sites as Facebook and Twitter
  • Brand Factors , Prominence
  • Less Ranking and More focus on People Factors


Vinay said...

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MilesGreysonJr said...

Great points. I think one of the most underrated seo tips is the frequent updating of your site or blog. It's important to keep a constant stream of action on your site, even if it's small updates, it goes a long way in Google's eyes.

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