Sunday, April 5, 2009


Google Search Results- 2 improvement in Google Search

When u search

1) Google offers list of related searches - relative links
2) Long search result descriptions
Both help guide users to move up or jump to the related link which is a great move by Google.

1) Relative links: Example: When u search for the query " earth's rotation axis tilt and distance from sun " U get results in links as under:

Related searches: earth's tilt, seasons earth's axial , earth's tilt degrees, angle earth's tilt

2) Long search result descriptions:
Example: When i search for a query " earth's rotation axis tilt and distance from sun "
The extension of the Earth's rotation axis to the sky defines the North and South ... The Earth's axis is tilted relative to the perpendiculars to the ... in distance between the Earth and the Sun caused by the Earth's elliptical orbit ...

So here u can see in google 3 lines of long description which gives users great search experience.

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