Friday, March 6, 2009

Microsoft Kumo Search Engine Test - Kumo Online Search Engine!

Microsoft to Launch new Online Search Engine "" Kumo is under testing and is available only internally to Microsoft employees

According to reports there is a new search to appear in the Net business. Kumo, which means spider or cloud in Japanese, would replace Microsoft's LiveSearch.

According to the screenshots, Kumo is a three-column web page with search results in the middle and Google-style text ads related to your search terms in the right column. On the left side is the search categories. Interestingly Kumo uses categories directly related to your search

According to Hitwise UK SEARCHES

UK Google search 61.49% of UK searches for 7.07%, for 6.05%

Yahoo for 5.3%.

In the U.S Google was used for 72.11% and Yahoo for 17.52%.

These were the screenshots - Do note the Kumo search engine is still under testing and has not been released yet

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