Thursday, November 27, 2008

MUMBAI Live News : Mumbai under ATTACK

Mumbai Live News, Nov 26, 2008 :Mumba Under Seige: Mumbai under Attack!: Updated news 26th Nov 2008
MUMBAI news updates: "TAJ Hotel is cleared, all rescued : 101 killed, 6 Foreigners killed"

Mumbai blasts : 11 blasts in mumbai in different parts
Blastst started from : 26th November 2008 time around 9.20 pm Blasts
Hotels targeted : Trident Hotel, Taj hotel, Oberio Hotel

Its really a stressful moment in Mumbai as NSG comandos are having hard time to check up with dead bodies and unconscious people all around
Sources say that the terrorists had come via sea route
ATS Officer was aslo killed and brave policeman have died during this effort.

'Deccan Mujahideen' claim responsibility for terror strike - from source : yahoo news

source : timesnow

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