Thursday, November 27, 2008

Latest Mumbai News: Terror Target Hotels!

Hotels Targeted

Latest Updates: Opertions end successfully
59-hour terror seige ends
3 Terrorists Killed in Taj
Official of the Mumbai Disaster Control Office on Saturday confirmed that the death toll in the terrorist strikes has risen to 195

Indian's salute the brave men and wish that there sacrifice won't go in vain:
1) ATS chief Hemant Karkare
Fifty eight year old Karkare, a 1982 batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officer
In Bangalore, NSG Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who lost his life during the operation Black Tornado.
2) Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, 31, was with the 51 Special Action Group of the force and was with the NSG on deputation.
3) NSG commando Gajendra Singh, who died fighting terrorists in Mumbai's Nariman House Singh, who was a member of NSG's 51 Special Action Group

Nov - 29 Night time 12:40 am TAJ HOTEL search operations going on for Terrorists

27 Oct report : 125 killed, 300 injured , 16 policemen died
ARMY has taken over and all operations are being handled by ARMY and not the police personals.

# updates Hotel Trident : November 27 2:05pm

  • 30/40 HOSTAGES still in trident
  • 10/12 Terrorists in TRIDENT hotel
  • Talks with Terrorists going on
  • HOTEL Taj / HOTEL Trident / Hotel Oberoi / Nariman house

Source: timesnow

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