Thursday, September 11, 2008

Google Chrome Security Updates!


There has been a series of security problems so google has come up with fixes, as usual its in beta so there would be issues which google would automatically fix it.

Google has update to its Chrome browser to fix some security problems.

new version,, replaces the that was released when Google launched the Chrome beta version last week.

"Users do not get a notification when they are updated...When there are security fixes, it's crucial that we update our users as quickly as possible in order to keep them safe. Thus, it's important for us to not require user intervention," the company said in a statement."There are some security fixes that we'll keep quiet because we don't want to disclose security vulnerabilities to attackers."

Reported vulnerabilities

#1 One security problem found in Chrome version is a carpet-bombing vulnerability that could help an attacker install malicious software on a user's computer without giving the user a chance to accept or reject the download. Google assigned the problem a top priority.

#2 Another reported issue in Chrome is a buffer overrun that could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code on a user's computer and thereby take control of it, according to Bach Khoa Internet Security.

#3 The company was willing to discuss some other details about the update, though. For one thing, the company updated a JavaScript problem that could cause problems using Facebook. For another, it fixed a problem that would crash the entire browser if a person typed "about:%" into the address bar. Google called the problem "non-exploitable, but very annoying," reflecting the removal of the "security" label from the bug report.


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