Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Download Google Chrome Browser! BETA:

Google Chrome Updates : Download Google Browser! BETA:
Google just released a new browser to my surprise yes,,,,,,,,,,,,its Google's browser oh m y GOD!!!!!!!!!
Google won't stop i think. But i couldn't wait so i just installed even dint' got to read the manual coz i knew google would come up with new innovative ideas.

So i installed and to my surprise i found that it was really really GR8888888888


* The
SPEED of the browser the amazing speed i just can't belive
* The browser saves lots of memory when u compare it with Firefox u can see google would be miles ahead.
* The browser would also show u results in thumbnails whatever sites u visited the last time.
* The most amazing and coolest factor is the real time search,,,,,,,,,what i really mean is u can type in the
Address bar itself. For example : where many people use to type at that bar u can now type directly the ur search queries for example : type in the bar "seo" and u will get results instantly,,,,,,,,now that's not seen in any of the browser Damn,,,,,,,,,,,,thats a great idea............

Enjoy the great features of the Giant Google

Download and check it for urself the speed,,,,,,,,,,,,and the technology that it uses.
Will be updated soon,,,,,,,,,,,as i m still working on it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Google keep up the gr8 work i love u guys :)

By - SEO Pravish

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