Saturday, May 24, 2008

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Google Algorithm Update:“Dewey” Algorithm Update

Well, you probably already know about the new Google update. While the last several updates don’t have a distinctive name, this past update which came roaring in during March and April wreaking havoc to all SEO’s deserves a name like a great storm- this one named “Dewey” after a code word used in Matt Cutt’s blog. Following is some of the information I have been able to collect on Dewey, hopefully giving SEO’s information that can be useful for their clients and websites.

Dewey Wreaks Havoc

Older Sites in General Suddenly Disappear: One of the first alarm bells that went off was that many of the quality old sites that we love and nurture suddenly disappeared from the top ranking positions to pages in the tens or twenties of the index

Less Relevancy: Many web surfers and SEO’s noticed that searches were not nearly as relevant as before.

New Sites Were Loading Extremely Slow

Problems with Cache Data

Many SEO’s realized that cache data was not showing up accurately even though index reports were showing otherwise.

source: by Roger Janik

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