Saturday, May 24, 2008

Google Search Index March '08 Update!

GOOGLE Updated :Google Search Index March '08 Update

The two data centers that appears to be shuffling around include:


1) Old sites that have done nothing wrong suddenly dropped out of Google's index around the end of February, early March

2) Cache data has been inaccurate and appallingly unrefreshed even though the index reports that new content and links are working.

3) New sites take excruciatingly long time frames to be indexed whereas up until late February/early March it was a fairly quick and painless process

4) Your index numbers don't agree in Webmaster Central

5) Site: queries don't match up with inurl: queries

6) Many site: and inurl: queries which normally fluctuate for large content sites became "frozen" and continued to report the same numbers every day for at least the last two weeks

7) Less relevant results have floated to the top of many queries because more relevant pages have either dropped out of the index or (temporarily) lost their inbound links

source : Michael Marinez

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