Thursday, January 3, 2008

SEO Survival

New SEO Companies watch out 2008

Only companies who come up with Innovative ideas & Experiments would survive in the long run-

# Custom Website Content creation

# Inbound Link Building

# Press Release Services

# Viral marketing


# Blog management can really survive and gain rankings + traffic

Outdated SEO

Directory Submissions, Link building techniques - link exchange, Key spam would fade out in 2008 Google's future updation.

Suggestions - Again the Content is the best solutions + Usability + Interactive Design would catch up. Gain Backlinks strength with Relevant link building . Boost PR with High Quality Content. Communities are the best. Experiment SEO+SMO for Future. Study Google's Algo Update well in advance.

Bottom line - Google - Yahoo - MSN and other search engines love only Relevant and user related content. Give what the users want is my suggestions

One word in SEO : Experiment - Experiment - Experiment ||Google + Yahoo + MSN||

By SEO Pravish[novice]


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