Thursday, January 3, 2008

SEO Google News updated

Google Cross-Platform Bid Management Tool

Google will launch a cross-platform bid management tool (API based; to work across engine platforms including Yahoo Search Marketing & MSN Ad Center).


Mobile advertising will reach $5 billion in 2008 (up from $3 billion in 2007)

Google Webmaster Updated :

Added Diagnostic reporting as well as Sitemap Configuration specific to video.

Below are some of the main items which Google Webmaster Tools now addresses.

  • Missing Title Tags
  • Long/Short Title Tags
  • Non-informative Title Tags
  • Short/Long Meta Descriptions
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Content Analysis : Issues Google found when Crawling and indexing site. Check this for increasing rankings. Keep a watch regularly on this part can gain traffic too.

Google Sitemap Video : Google now provides - Universal search - Videos that appear in web search results. Can now include url to videos.

source : googlewebmaster

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