Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seo Latest top Tips 2008

Latest SEO 2008 Tips

So SEO Guys m not gona waste time here and would come to the point itslef in SEO
M not gona spoon feed here anyone but would give u tips can help u guyz,,,

Tips SEO Optimization / Rankings
# Title, Description optimization to the point and relevant only.
# Keywords chosen must be target specific | niche and relevant categories.
# Keywords to be placed keeping usability point of view in mind.
# Anchor text - Link building - Keyword placement relevant keys should attract users to click on the anchor text links.
# Content- Must not be implemented as if it has been done specially for search engines. Natural Content
# Content optimization - Should not be over optimized - Make content at ease and short written and placement of keywords at end of paragraphs
# Don't over do SEO optimization would be treated as spam and rankings would be affected.
# SEO optimization to be done concentrating only 1 search engine Google - get on top in google and then go for the other 2 Yahoo | MSN - As google itself gets around 56% of traffic, so u can imagine the traffic
# Selection - Countries - Use Google Maps
# Link Building - Important part - Google in 2008 would be behind link building spam techniques
One way links is gr but then lot of spam going - Go for relevant One way links
Link exchange - Old technique - Big G doesn't love LE
Link exchange - minimum 10 relevant sites only - Lot of webmasters exchange with irrelevant sites
Linking should be
Deep linking internal pages + Deep submission in sub category pages and relevant categories
# Blogging / Rss - Go behind active users who blog daily and have great niche sites and interesting articles
# Run behind
Widgets, images which relate to ur site
# Site structure - Tree type - All internal links to be strong not more than 2-3 clicks away
# Validation W3C
# Not to forget - Keep on updated with
Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing
# Article Postings again - relevant categories
Go for Niche web directories and also go for - Socializing
# Newer go for
Buy or Sell Links get banned by google
# Use smart seo techniques to get traffic by experimentation - Newer overdo and should be within limits of Google's

# Get Updated with Google Alerts
# 3 Search Engines - G, Y, MSN - Study, Analyze, Experiment

I hear every day SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION needs SEO Guys

Main Objective of any client: To get traffic rather that on being top
Go for traffic
Get Natural traffic
Optimize for Local search
Use extensively Google tools and there great resources that still many seo guys don't use
Use manual submission than any software based
Robots.txt optimization - Google 2008 update would be crucial need to check in the coming 6 months
Strong Analysis of sites weekly and monthly basis

Internet Marketing | SEO Optimization on page must be 100% which is the base | SEM Marketing | Blogging Relevant niche categories | Deep Linking subcategory sites | Content optimization | Community forums that relate to ur site | Usability | Constant activity with users - Communication |

Bottom line:
Target for heavy niche Traffic | Social sites | Blogs | Avoid scam and follow guidelines | Use Smart Internet/SEO techniques and go for hardcore Human based research - Study of human behaviour is important for niche sites | Avoid competition - go for the gateways - Less competition high traffic keys

Research - Experiment on Google within limits

Pravish Thomas

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SEO Pravish said...

An Update:

MSN and Yahoo should not be ignored

More about MSN Tips will be given soon
There are several factors when u target SE
So keep in mind about G and keep an eye on Yahoo and MSN

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