Sunday, January 10, 2010

Google Caffeine Update UK - Google Caffeine LIVE Update Latest

Google Caffeine Update UK: Latest Google Caffeine Update started on 8th Jan 2010
Google Caffeine Update reflected on 9th 2010, as i find high fluctations in rankings for UK searches and most of the rankings were pretty good, though a period of 30 days will give us a clear picture.

Google Caffeine announced  a preview tool in AUGUST, 2009
Thereafter Google has continued to implement Caffeine in December 1st week.  And recently Jan 1st week there has been ranking fluctuations going around.

MY views about Google Caffeine Update

  • Google concentrates now more on
  • Home page Links
  • Niche keywords - more emphasis Location based
  • Domain authority links
  • Only trusted valid links
  • Social networks, importance for blogs, news related.
  • Videos 
  • Brands

Note: These views are my personal views

Realtime Search Results
Realtime Search Results i think google is only trying to experiment with organic results but not implement fully. Realtime results may be implemented only on high based single keyword traffic terms.

NEWS, Blogs
Google would give importance to news related and blogs updates and Forums to get updated news in there search.

More updates about Google Caffeine coming soon,,,,,,

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Mario said...

Caffeine sandbox gives faster result, more relevant real time result. It will change the way Google index website and add more feature to determine page rank of any web page.

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