Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google SEO News! SEO News Update - November 2009

Latest Google SEO News Updates & Launches November 2009 Update:

Google has come up with many updates regarding SEO

  • Page Rank Update October
  • Chrome, Wave, Android has been launched
  • One box results
  • Google Squared - Experimental
  • Google Social Search - Experimental
  • Google's Show options ( Forums, Blogs, Social, News, Videos, Reviews
  • Google Latest Ranking Factor - Page Speed
  • Adjust Parameter settings in Google Webmaster Tool - gives more flexibility for crawling
  • Google Webmaster Tool - Googlebot Fetch results with full http status report
  • Google Webmaster Tool - Malware Warnings
  • Google Webmaster Tool - Keywords significance and occurrence
  • Google Caffeine Update - (Infrastructure change, new indexing architecture, flexibility and faster documents)
These are the latest launches and updates regarding Google for SEO's
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