Saturday, June 20, 2009

SEO News Updates / SEO Flash News / SEO Update's

SEO News updates about Search Engines: HOT NEW SEO Updates Flash / Sitemaps / Reconsideration in Google Index

Previously Google began crawling and indexing Flash content, but now Google can also index external content that loads within an SWF file, and associate it with that file, so that it will appear in search results.

2) Reconsideration requests: Now with notifications

If you've submitted a reconsideration request via Webmaster Tools,after your request has been processed, we'll confirm this by sending a message to your Message Center in Webmaster Tools.
If it's doing well, it means that Google has reviewed your site and believes that it adheres to our Webmaster Guidelines. If your site still isn't performing well in search, we recommend reviewing our Webmaster Guidelines and also checking out these possible reasons why your site might not be doing as well as you expect. This is really a new feature google has come up, where many webmasters who are not aware of Google's guidelines can come to know about the warnings and
rules of google search index. Its important to know about Search Engines specially when u are targeting Google for business where Google's search traffic is #1 62%.

3) Sitemaps Updates

  • Sitemaps helps search engines to find new and changed content faster. Using Sitemaps doesn't guarantee that your site will be crawled and indexed completely, but it certainly helps us understand your website better
  • Google now support to 50,000 child Sitemaps for Sitemap index files (instead of the previous 1,000) - Now this is great feature from Google!!
  • Multiple owner verification facility in Sitemap
  • Time has been greatly reduced with the average time from submitting a Sitemap file to processing it and showing some initial data in Webmaster Tools
  • Why is there difference in Google index and sitemap index results?? We get different results in google search when we put [] and the indexed pages in SITEMAP webmasters tools are different. Actually the site operator, on the other hand, takes into account whatever Google has crawled, which may include URLs not included in your Sitemap, such as newly added URLs or other URLs discovered via links. Your Sitemap report only show the URLs that you've submitted in your Sitemap file.
Google's site operator [] shows the following results
  • a rough estimate of how many pages have been indexed
  • one indication of if your site has been hacked
  • if you have duplicate titles or snippets

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source: googlewebmastercentral

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