Friday, June 5, 2009

BING.COM - Microsoft's Search Engine Launched!! - Microsoft has launched its new search engine

Some special features:
Bing Travel, which will predict airfare and hotel rates based on the time of year, ensuring users get better results. Microsoft gained this technology from its $115 million acquisition of travel Web site Farecast last year.

New Feature!
When u type "latest seo secrets" in when u see the 1st blog that comes on #1st position u can just place ur cursor at the right hand side where the TITLE ends, where u will find much expanded vertical box type which will show u details about the blog + tags by which u can easily make out, this is what i like the most. The tag features is what seems to be oustanding in

Latest standings on Search: for April s year
Google led the US search market with 64.2 %
Yahoo with 20.4 %
Microsoft a distant third with 8.2 %

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