Thursday, April 3, 2008

Latest GOOGLE News: Google Sells SEO!

GOOGLE Sells SEO Company

source : googleblog

Since we closed the acquisition of DoubleClick on March 11, we’ve been immersed in integration planning for each of our products and business units. Recently we completed this process for the DoubleClick Performics businesses, and have decided to split them into two separately-run business units: Affiliate Marketing and Search Marketing.

Tom Phillips, Director, DoubleClick Integration at Google wrote on the Google Blog:

"It’s clear to us that we do not want to be in the search engine marketing business. Maintaining objectivity in both search and advertising is paramount to Google’s mission and core to the trust we ask from our users. For this reason, we plan to sell the Performics search marketing business to a third party. We believe this will allow us to maintain objectivity and the search marketing business to continue to grow and innovate and serve its customers. While we have not yet identified a buyer, we’ve received preliminary interest from a number of our current partners. Search Marketing will continue to run as a separate entity until the division is sold."

source : googleblog

Conclusion: Thanx Google! this is great by which there won't be any more conflicts :)

"Business as usual " - Pravish Thomas

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abdulmalick said...

great news.. Do u know effect If Double click sell by google?

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