Monday, March 10, 2008

Google Goolag Tool Scanner!

Goolag Scanner

the Cult of the Dead Cow hacker group released an open-source Web auditing tool that aims to let owners check their Web sites for security vulnerabilities. Dubbed the Goolag Scanner, the technology is based on google hacking a form of vulnerability research developed by Johnny I Hack Stuff. Goolag Scanner is a standalone Windows GUI-based application.

Goolag Scanner provides one more tool for Web-site owners to patch up their online properties.

The Sophos 2008 Security Threat Report published in January revealed just how prevalent the danger is.

Sophos detects a newly infected Web page every 14 seconds. Eighty-three percent of those pages belong to companies and individuals who are unaware that their sites have been hacked.

"We've seen some pretty scary holes through random tests with the scanner in North America, Europe and the Middle East," Ruffin said. "If I were a government, a large corporation, or anyone with a large web site, I'd be downloading this beast and aiming it at my site yesterday. The vulnerabilities are that serious."

"Tools like Goolag can help Web-site owners determine if their sites are vulnerable," Cluley said. "Goolag isn't the first tool to help Web-site owners in this way -"What is clear is that companies, individuals and Web-hosting firms need to work much harder to secure their Web sites," Cluley said, "and to ensure that hackers cannot take advantage of vulnerabilities in their site's code."

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