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Google: Backlinks Tips | Latest Backlinks Tips '08

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I m back with
Backlinks Tips

Its very simple just need to follow simple rules

# Avoid all type of directories that u find on net
# Go for valid directories with relevant category for ex:

Shopping :
Gifts: Gift Baskets: Apple Ipods, Nano

So here u can see the Category: Sub category which is called deep linking
So submit to relevant category based directories.

# Submit to blogs, rss , social media, social networking, google, yahoo,msn etc

# To have good backlinks most important points:

1) Place Few Relevant external links that is not in ur competition which relates to ur site
2) Place links at the end of para
3) Anchor texts links which provides users interest to read more.
4) Useful content with relevant interlinks to make the Internal link structure strong to gain
backlinks popularity.
5) Avoid over
SEO Optimization can effect ur rankings
6) Content should be niche targeted to specific locations, products and to the point. Don't spam in content by repeating same keywords rather make the content such that users would love to bookmark ur site which in turn gives u great backlinks

7) Go for active users in blogs add them need to be polite, comment them etc,,,
8) Use
Google's gadgets which must relate to the content
9) Usability - Site must be
user friendly as it can be an advantage if a user refers ur site to friends which in turn generates one-way backlinks which is the main key to achieve top ranks.

10) Submissions to one way links is okay but what is the point when ur site doesn't have any relevant content or if ur site just tries to fool google by placing unnecessary contents, then its of no use. Avoid all this type of techniques, Need to do a lot of hard work and devote time specially for backlinks as its worth to gain rankings and popularity.

11) Go for authority sites - best for Backlinks

12) Study Link building deeply

13) Avoid link exchange as google hates :) well u can go for link exchange 1-5 at the most with relevant category only keeping in mind that ur really providing users genuine information.
Link exchange which is now the past, where in google searches for relevant
Quality based and Quantity of links pointing to ur site:

Update: Google doesn't hate but would not prefer much of link exchanges provided if its in the relevant category.

14) Active participation in forums, message boards, communities can gain gr8 backlinks
15) Last but not the least, don't spam, avoid over optimization, unique contents, traffic analysis, incoming links - link popularity, link spam etc should be noted.


Backlinks Tips by SEO Pravish

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