Friday, November 26, 2010

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Hey Guys, a lot of warm greeting for thanks giving. Well, soon all of you gonna put your noses deep down into your turkey-dishes, and silently thank your mother for her culinary skills in your hearts. But wait a sec… what are you gonna present her???? And heyyy, no cheating, you are not in kindergarten anymore, that you can escape by giving kiddish excuses like it’s our parents who need to present us with some gifts and not the other way around. (Well, I do that all the time). ;) But, this year I have decided to actually go out and spend some bucks to bring smile on their faces. (Awww, my precious little money... ;) well there is another reason too. I wanna project an image in front of them, that since I can handle my own finances now, may be it’s time they start thinking about my marriage with my BF…lol.. Selfish kids, and their dreams). J
My granny told me when I was in my ugly stage of dental braces that:
Thanksgiving is a time to recognize that God has put a smile upon our
faces each passing day. We say 'thanks' for the most precious gifts in our lives - our family, friends and loved ones. So we need to express our gratitude for these wonderful people with just a small Thanksgiving gift.”
Hmmm… so now, arises the question filled with millions and zillions of confusions that, what am I supposed to buy??? Chances are that that you are going to be bombarded with adverts for each and every single thing known to mankind. So, it becomes super most difficult to actually pick something useful and great for your loved ones. You will see a lot of uber cool deals here on the internet too. So, I am just gonna share with you guys, the things which I have decided to pick up myself for my loved ones. May be you would be able to get few ideas from them.
  1. Chanel 5 perfume for my mom.
  2. Nintendo Wii or X-Box 360 or Play Station 3 for my younger bro.
  3. Gonna pick either i-phone or a laptop for my BF.
  4. And since my dad hate electronics, gonna buy him an Oversized King Comforters.
Hope, some of the ideas actually appealed to you guys too. Then, what are you waiting for? Lose your purses’ strings and happy 

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