Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Latest SEO News: Pravish Thomas speaks!


I have seen many SEO companies promising SEO | SEM Services . Well do all companies follow the SEO Rules?
I don't think so and i can really say only few SEO really work hard on SEO | SEM as in reality its a real hard hard hard tough job. Just imagine when ur competing against White hat SEO's, Experts, Black Hats, Marketers, Paid Search etc u can come to know in reality is it possible?

There are many factors which effects Rankings.
U might get rankings soon for less competition words what about High-level competition

Yest it can be possible only through
When u look deep and when there is a real tough competition u need the
Real SEO experts.
There are many SEO experts who are also experienced but still follow the old techniques say i get many guys who go for link exchange when i get tired telling them that Google doesn't love LE buddies. But alas guys need always an easy way :)

Well i can give some tips for Ethical SEO's marketers etc,,,,

-> SEO is not a game it must be Frameworked
-> SEO is damn tough newer take it easy - work harder on updates by GOOGLE
-> Analysis of the site to be done thoroughly
-> Look for competition
-> Metrics Conversion
-> PPC to be done for high competition sites
-> Target only the niche keywords
-> Usability + Search users are to be kept in mind
-> Give users and search engines what they need-
-> Online Reputation Mgt to be checked
-> Research should be the 1st point to be mentioned - say more research and research on
relevant targeted traffic
-> Target Google , Yahoo as primary and then the rest
-> Go for
Authority sites for Link building(Hot stuff)
-> Stress more on
Content again it should be interesting and simple for even a layman to understand
-> More text related to the subject at the same time giving usability for users and should be to the point.
SEO Management for SEO Companies: Should have Keyword Research Engineer + Marketing Expert SEM + Link building Expert + SEO Analytics and SEO Reporting + PPC Expert
-> Study of Google's 200 factors and to be updated with its changes
-> Get on stuff with Blogging, Social Networking - Media Marketing say
"SOCIAL Web 2.o"

I see that many ppl still don't realize the importance of Effective Ethical Search Engine Marketing. Strong Analysis + Research on Search ENGINES is essential before u go for Optimizing any site. "SEO would survive only if USERS get benefited" - Relevance

- By SEO Pravish

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