Sunday, March 27, 2016

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP aims at Making your Internet Life Easier with Faster Browsing!

We all use the internet more and more in our daily lives. Now with the smartphones, we need the internet almost every hour. And most notably, we need to go back to certain pages more often than the others. Thus, there is basically a repetition of a few of the webpages on a particular device, and quite naturally, the user desires these webpages to open almost instantaneously.

What is AMP?

Generally, how fast these pages will open depends on the internet connectivity, the efficiency with which these webpages open up, the browser quality and so on. So, there are several external factors that come in to play. There is hardly any control to optimise all or many of them so that ultimately the user suffers.

Google AMP

That is why the AMP is here. It is the Accelerated Mobile Pages project undertaken by many of the worldwide leaders of the internet, notably Google. The Google AMP project is an extension of the Facebook Instant Articles that we had heard of a while ago. The FB initiative was to make sure that the web contents are instantly accessible to a user much quicker than reaching it through a browser. But due to various reasons, although the FB initiative got stuck, Google and a few other major players have taken it up to extend similar services to users, as the intention behind the initiative was very positive!

Accelerated MobilePages Project 

The AMP developed so far is a subset HTML of JavaScript with only a few specific components available. It is meant for read-only purpose and not being interactive. Thus not the full HTML of JavaScript is required to engineer the project. Only the specific ones that are necessary for the reading purpose have been chosen. This ensures the project is lean and consumes much less of memory space of any device wherein it is loaded. It also can operate faster and help a long way in achieving the main objective of making the specific webpages open faster than usual for the users.  

How do Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) from Google Work?

The Google AMP is here with the sole objective to cache, pre-load and pre-render the various webpages frequently visited by a user. It has three essential components in its build- AMP HTML, AMP JS and Google AMP Cache.

Without going much into the technicalities, it  can be easily summed up that the AMP HTML *optimises the pre-loading and pre-rendering part of the webpages frequently used and the AMP JS makes sure they open up faster than usual through any other browser. The Google AMP Cache on its parts ensures to fetch the details of the webpages and temporarily store them as cache memory so that these can be referred to whenever the user wants to open these pages back. The whole exercise is to not only render the webpages faster but also to do so using the least bit of memory.

Google AMP Cache being a proxy-based content delivery network that makes all images and JS files load from the same source while opening a webpage. It uses HTML 2.0 version as of now so that the efficiency in pre-loading and pre-rendering is the fastest. 

Advantages and Examples of AMP Pages

The simplest of advantages that AMP pages offers is to make the frequently used webpages run faster than usual on your internet device.Different AMP projects try achieving this in different possible ways. Besides the main intention, a few other things too matter like consuming the least of memory space, and a leaner and faster working or operating procedure.

All of the projects are still going through a lot of validation stages and continual R&D is improving the performances day by day. But soon the Google AMP will be ahead of all the others owing to its faster pace of development, technical expertise as well as an understanding of the user psyche. The user is benefited the most as s/he can now repeatedly open the frequently used webpages faster, adding to her/his convenience. A leaner AMP that consumes the least bit of space in the phone memory will help a lot, and that is exactly where the Google AMP projects of the future are headed towards.

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