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SEO Freelancer - Hire SEO Specialist!

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Everybody welcome to the post of SEO Freelancer. 
Nowadays as SEO Cost is too much, there are many seo experts who are technically strong with Google's updates and ranking algorithm. You can try me as a freelancer for your projects.

Hire SEO Freelancer!

SEO Freelancer: I handle the following:

  • Dynamic sites
  • Static sites
  • Affiliate sites
  • Portal sites
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Servcie sector sites
  • Deals sites
Freelance Jobs Freelance Jobs

Why SEO Freelancers?
SEO Freelancers are the best when it comes to small & medium based business as they can give u proper insights and budgeted cost saving solutions at times of recessions.

Who is the Best SEO Freelancer?
This is hard to say as it depends purely on SEO Experience, experiments, innovative skills, coming out with various options and suggestions. But yes there are lot of talented SEO professionals at some of the websites listed below


About myself: Pravish Thomas ( SEO Analyst / Blogger / Strategist / Design Planner / E-commerce Visualizer / Google SEO Optimizer and Business SEO Consultant ). I m here to assist u in all types of websites related to Optimization and Web Promotion.

Clients Notes:
Its very important that before u consult any SEO u need to know about ur site itself. For ex: if its a Auto parts site u need to know which categories ur are going to target and what's ur business preferences.

1) Do u need to target various keywords to make it on top 10 ? ( keywords + traffic)


2) Do u need to do Mass promotion+ Internet Marketing ( High end traffic- only traffic )

3) Total Search Marketing ( High End traffic + Brand awareness + Keyword traffic) (includes - SEM, SEO, Internet Marketing, Viral marketing, Social, video, photo marketing, PPC, Banner advertising, Local Advertising, Local Marketing SEO/SEM )

So here as a SEO Consultant what I believe is that if there is no perfect communication between a client and a SEO then all the efforts of SEO's would be waste. A SEO needs to have a proper understanding about the subject then only can he can win Google's heart as u need to do a huge research specially when its E-commerce sites, many clients put 1 or 2 SEO's and start thinking that we can make it on top and that's it - Hurray!!!!! We are MILLIONAIRES!!
Is it? NOO The issue is that how a SEO handles the project and also depends upon the team of SEO's. Its not only SEO - U need a lot of Internal & External Marketing if u are in business like Real estate, Auto, Health, HOTEL Marketplace Marketplace
Time FrameYes, this is a very crucial factor, as many SEO's don't make it to the time frame with the desired keyword based on client's choice. So its very important that the keywords that a client chooses have a time frame, due to competition and search. So as a SEO Consultant & SEO Freelancer I would give the client various keyword and suggestions which would not only bring client's sites on top but would have a large popularity(traffic) among targeted users. Bringing traffic is one thing and getting revisit of the same visitors is another.
  • So u need to basically have a SEO Consultant who would understands ur site and what actually ur site is trying to target users?
  • Which type of customers is the client's targeting?
  • How far is the client going to spend in Search Marketing?
  • Demographics - AGE
  • How can costs be saved?
So all this type of question needs a thorough research on the site itself and then only strategies can be applied.

What is the most important part to be noted in optimizing a website by SEO Freelancer expert?
Well, U always know that if the base is perfect everything would be all fine and for a long long time. I m talking about the On page optimization which is the most important part of SEO where SEO's do the actual work, some do only few work and rely more on Link building ( off page optimization) which is one type of Mass submission process. Link building is important but if ur base is incorrect or not matched to the competition then ur submissions would be of no use. What u would be getting is Bulk traffic where ur analysis report would show number of visitors but no sale or irrelevant inquires. So this is where I consider the most important part or role of an SEO is to know about what the Site is actually, Targeted users, location base of users etc. As Google always loves pages that are focoused on USERS than search engines.

My Lookouts in a site - The way i do Professional SEO Freelance work
Research & Analysis - 100% PURE research and understanding of the site!
Domain check
Web design check
Usability check
Accessibility check
Server page check
Page to Page Check
Links check - external, internal, broken links / Link exchange check
Natural SEO Optimization with Content based Optimization
Duplication Check
And much more,,,,,,,,,,,


Yes I m aslo a SEO Freelancer looking for SEO projects from India, USA, UK, AUS, CAN, NZ.
Small & Medium based companies ( Static, Dynamic - E-commerce, CMS, Portal) based sites. I would make sure that I use my professional SEO User based white hat strategies for my clients by which I can build trust. Contact me for SEO / Web designing (XHTML/CSS based Layouts) / Consulting Business - SEM - Internet Marketing & Promotion.
Feel Free to contact me for any type of queries and suggestions. Marketplace

Those who are interested to contact me for SEO Services do comment here and i can assist you in SEO  & Link building services.

Research Analyst

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